Groups of businesses are able to commission projects that lead to improvements in their local trading environment through a Business Improvement District (BID). An additional levy that’s charged through the business rates system funds the BID, with the BID running for a five year period. At the end of the five years, businesses can vote as to whether or not they want to continue with the BID for another five year period.

What is the BID?

The funds raised from the BID levy are held by Groundwork CLM (the accountable body for the West Chester Commercial BID) who invest the funds into added value projects and services within the trading environment. The Sealand and West Chester Business community directs and governs the commissioned projects and services.

Any services that are a statutory provision of the public sector won’t be supported by the BID funds as the BID can only fund services that are separate, extra or enhanced to those that the Local Authority are legally responsible for (Baseline Agreements).

A formal ballot needs to take place for a BID to become established. More than 50% of those voting in the ballot have to approve the BID proposal. Additionally, the companies must represent at least 50% of the rate-able value of the businesses that have voted.

All of the eligible companies within the BID area are responsible for payment of a BID levy once it’s established. More than 175 BIDs have been approved by companies across the UK since BIDs were introduced in 2004.

The West Chester Commercial BID was approved in 2017 and came to fruition in September that year. During this time, the BID has started to implement a range of improvement projects, including upgrading the image of Sealand and West Chester Employment Park, reducing crime in the area through the incorporation of bank holiday security services and providing a number of popular training courses for employees.

Over the next few years of the BID a number of projects and services are planned to further enhance the trading environment.

The West Chester Commercial BID

The West Chester Commercial BID has an Executive Board which is made up of members of the business community and the 6 members on our Executive Board include a Chair, a Deputy Chair and a Treasurer.

The West Chester Commercial BID group elects volunteers for the Board at the Annual General Meeting. Each company can elect one person to the Executive Board. However, if a member is unable to attend a meeting he/she can choose a representative to attend and vote in their place. Executive Board members can remove any Elected Members with a majority vote.


The Executive Board has the power to fill any casual vacancies that occur in the board with members of the Partnership. However, any such co-opted member must stand down at the AGM.

We meet at least four times per year and report twice a year to members of the West Chester BID Group. We also attend an Annual General Meeting once a year.

Meet the executive board

Mark Diaper

Mark Diaper

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Mark is an Associate Director for Legat Owen Chartered Surveyors having over 16 years’ experience within the Industrial Agency Team within the Business Space Department, specialising in the acquisition and disposal of industrial premises, land and development.

 Legat Owen are a multidisciplinary commercial property practice specialising in agency, investment, development, management, building surveys, rent reviews and lease renewals, rating and valuation.

Anne Rogers

Anne Rogers

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I am Ann Rogers.  I am the Administration Director at Deva Designs Ltd.

Deva designs is a design led gift wrapping company distributing to 100’s 0f independent gift shops around the UK.

I have been with Deva for fourteen years now and loved working with this company so much that 3 years ago I bought the business along with the MD Andrew Maddock.

As well as looking after the finance of the business, I am responsible for the general welfare for the team, as I believe a happy team creates a good company that in turn creates great products.

Jordi Morell

Jordi Morell

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After 27 years in broadcasting as a Sound Designer and then as a Business Manager, I opened a Serviced Office premises in Chester to provide corporate level services to small businesses and start-ups.
This proved to be so successful, we spent the first three years building extra offices.  My interest in IT and the internet meant we were able to provide the emerging technologies to business initially in Chester and eventually throughout the North West.  
We have to this day been able to ensure that our clients are able to benefit from the rapid improvements in the technologies to the advantage of their businesses.  
I believe the BID is no different and that all businesses involved can profit by improvements in the infrastructure available in the park, to the advantage of their businesses.

The West Chester Commercial BID Business Plan will run for the five year period of the BID, and contains the plans for the projects and services funded by the BID over this timescale.