Proximo has continued their fantastic charity work over the winter after helping with a number of initiatives to support those in need throughout 2020.

One recent project saw the company give charitable Christmas donations to the Countess of Chester Hospital’s Blue Skies Balcony Appeal for the Intensive Care Unit.

The appeal has been created so that ICU patients can benefit from the outdoors in a safe and infection-controlled environment which will make it easier and safer to move patients outside.

A spokesperson from the charity said: “We all know, now more than ever before, that being outside in the fresh air and natural light is key to our health and wellbeing.

“Outdoor space is particularly important for critical care patients who can face a long battle back to health and many weeks in the hospital. Providing patients with the opportunity to see skies and the much-loved mountain view will remind them of all the things they have been missing and help act as a spur to their recovery.”

To complement this project a large structure is being built in the shape of a rainbow to commemorate and remember 2020 and all those who played a part in taking care of others.

Proximo’s donation will add to this lasting tribute to all key workers who worked so hard during 2020 by adding 10 blue hearts to the Countess of Chester Hospital’s rainbow.

In other news from the festive period, Proximo also got involved in the Annual Christmas Toy Appeal.

Over 100 toys were collected from Proximo’s employees with the gifts distributed to those who needed them most at the end of a very difficult year.

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