West Chester Commercial Business Improvement District (BID) has funded two image enhancement projects to help make the estate a more attractive place for businesses and employees to work.

The eye-catching signs, located on West Chester Employment Park and Sealand Road Industrial Estate, feature a colour co-ordinated key and map, allowing people to easily see where the different roads and areas are located.

Entirely funded by West Chester Commercial BID, the project was also commissioned with customers and suppliers in mind to ensure better accessibility on the estate.

It’s part of a series of landscape improvement works being carried out by the BID after the private sector led BID board recently approved another five projects to enhance a number of key areas across the park.

The board is also currently considering CCTV and ANPR proposals as it looks to further invest in safety and security for its businesses and their employees.

Business Improvement District Project Manager Hugh Shields has spoken about the image enhancement projects and why they are being undertaken.

“The two signs, which are located outside B&S Group and at Bromborough Paints, provide a clear and easy to understand outline of Chester West Employment Park and Sealand Road Industrial Estate, and reinforce the West Chester Commercial BID brand.

“All visitors and suppliers now have a handy resource on the estate which they can double check with if necessary to make sure they’re heading in the right direction, which is a real boost to accessibility.”

Jordi J Morell, Chair of the West Chester Commercial BID Executive Board, added: “Further landscaping works are going to follow in due course too as the BID continues to improve the aesthetics of the estate.

“This is all part of one of our main objectives which is to make West Chester Commercial BID an even more attractive place for organisations and their staff to do business and to attract new inward investment.”